• Saturday 5th of Septemper 2020
  • Games are played from 12.00 am to 19.00 pm


  • Otanlahti sportcenter
  • Games are played on the grass
  • Field size about 64m x 45m
  • Juniorgoals 2m x 5m

How we play

  • 7v7 (goalkeeper + 6 players)
  • 4 groups
  • The best teams will continue upper round and the worst teams will continue lower round.
  • Every team will play 6 games in tournament


Official rules of Finnish Football Association with these correctives:

  • Game length
    • Groupstage1 x 25min.
    • Playoffs 1 x 20min. In playoffs if game is tied penaltykicks will take place straight after regular time. 3 penaltykick takers from each team, after that suddendeath
  • Offsides
    • No offsides
  • Teams gameshirts have to be clearly different. If too much the same, "away" team is obligated to change.
  • Substitutes, no maximum amount of substitutes.
    • Player who is going in the field, must wait till other player comes out


Cup's organizers do not insure players. Everyone will play at their own risk.

Signing In

Cup is limited to 16 teams so be quick!

Sign in before 20th of August.

Tournament will cost 200 euros / team.