Hello Football Friend,

Pallo-Iirot's popular little league called Nappulaliiga starts on June. Nappulaliiga is a football league for 3-15 years old boys and girls during summer time where kids get once a week practices and once a week games under supervised instructors and coaches. Teams are formed based on city disctrics and schools.

Age Groups in Nappulaliiga for 2020 are:

BOYS NappulatBorn 2009-2011
  MinitBorn 2012-2013
  PeliporukkaBorn 2005-2008
GIRLS NappulatBorn 2009-10
  MinitBorn 2011-2012
  PeliporukkaBorn 2005-2008
LILLIPUTIT Boys born 2014-2016
  Girls born 2013-2016
  Child-parent groups for 2015-2017 born girls and boys


The purpose of Nappulaliiga is to provide kids a fun way to exercise and get new friends via football. 

Participation fee for year 2020:

Peliporukka 80 € + player´s own t-shirt 22 €

Nappulat 90 € + player´s own t-shirt 22 €
Minit 90 € + player´s own t-shirt 22 €
Lilliputit 65 € + player´s own t-shirt 22 €

You can buy players´ own t-shirt from Pyörä-Nurmi. 


Every player needs an insurance. It covers all the accidents happened in clubs practice, games etc. Insurance will be paid immediately by the club when player has paid his membership fee. Membership fee will send to home.


Information sharing and news:

Pallo-Iirot's office 02-8224366
Henni Viljanmaa 040-588 3056
  e-mail henni.viljanmaa(at)palloiirot.fi

All relevant information regarding Nappulaliiga is distributed via website and email.